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    THE Yourise Fund.

    Healthspan rather than just lifespan. YouRise is growing the next generation of companies that are improving human performance and lifelong health.


    Our world class business team has a record of achieving consistently exponential returns in the companies they have invested in and advised. With decades of experience in Silicon Valley and Europe, they have been able to quickly commercialize companies.

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    Jeremy Cotter

    Google, Meta,
    Duke University
    Jeremy is our general partner. Jeremy began his career at the Advisory Board Company, a leading healthcare consulting company, which was later acquired. Following this he worked at Google, winning division-wide awards, and was then recruited to build new teams at Meta . He has over 20 years of experience with early-stage tech companies, helping them achieved outsized returns. Jeremy is a graduate of Duke University with honors.
    Jeremy has a presence in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Paris.
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    Heather Loomis

    Blackrock, Glynn Capital
    Featured on Bloomberg and CNBC, Heather worked at Blackrock, where she was Managing Director and Head of BlackRock's Institutional Family Office Business. Prior to this, she managed $13 billion in assets at JP Morgan. Most recently she has been Managing Director of Fund Strategy at Glynn Capital, a $2.25 billion hedge fund. Outside of work, Heather has been a spokesperson for sustainable investing. Heather graduated with honors from Duke University and studied at the London School of Economics. She holds Series 7, 63, 55, 9 and 10 financial licenses.
    Heather is based in San Francisco.
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    Mike Simkovic

    Harvard Law School, McKinsey, USC
    Michael Simkovic’s research focuses on the intersection between law and finance,. His work has been published in leading journals including The Journal of Corporate Finance. He has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Dealbook, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg. His work has been cited by federal regulators and in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, LA Times, Bloomberg, The Atlantic, and USA Today. He has appeared on CBS and Marketplace Weekend.
    Mike is based in Los Angeles.
  • team - ScIENCE

    Our science team and advisors are made of the top global researchers and industry leaders. Their academic backgrounds include Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and La Sorbonne; with collectively over 500 publications to their names.

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    Anirvan Ghosh

    Caltech, Stanford, Harvard Medical School
    Anirvan is currently CEO at publicly-traded longevity company Unity Technologies, funded by Jeff Bezos & Peter Thiel. He was formerly Senior Vice President (SVP) at Biogen, where he led a team of 350 scientists and clinicians. Prior to this, he was SVP at Roche. The impact of his scientific contributions is reflected in over 100 scientific publications in top-tier journals, including Science and Nature. He received his B.S. from CalTech and Phd from Stanford; postdoc at Harvard Med School.


    Anirvan is based in San Francisco.
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    Stanford University
    Aaron, PhD, is professor of genetics at Stanford University. He founded the Stanford Gitler lab, which researches the cellular consequences of protein misfolding to help to suggest potential strategies for therapeutic intervention. His lab combines genome-wide screens in model systems, including mouse models, and yeast and human cells.
    Aaron is based in
    San Francisco and frequently travels to China..
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    Harvard Medical School, UCLA, USC
    Justin is an associate Professor in the Department of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Southern California. He is the founder of the Ichida Lab, where he uses patient-specific disease modeling, next-generation sequencing, and chemical screening to identify disease mechanisms. He is a co-founder of Modulo Bio. He received his PhD from Harvard Medical School and his B.S. from UCLA.
    Justin is based in Los Angeles and frequently travels to San Francisco.
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    Stanford School of Medicine​, UC Berkeley
    Daniel Chao is the CEO of System1 Biosciences, which raised $30M from Pfizer Ventures. He is also the co-founder of Halo Neuroscience. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company. Daniel received his MD and MS in neuroscience from Stanford, and degree in biochemistry from UC Berkeley.
    Daniel is based in San Francisco.
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    MS Computer Science
    BS Computer Science
    Ryan began his career as an early Google software engineer.. He co-founded what is now Google Cloud (originally Google App Engine). He has 11 engineering patents to his name. Following Google, he
    served as Head of Engineering at Color Genomics. He received his master's and undergraduate degrees from Stanford, in computer science.
    Ryan is based in San Francisco.
  • We Are

    YouRise invests in the most promising early-stage health technology companies. As a leading longevity seed fund, we have a presence in both the US and Europe. Through world-class investment, operational, and scientific teams, we are uniquely positioned to identify and grow the best companies in the industry.


    Our digital health and life sciences practice areas are distinct from one another, and we draw on different team members to provide expertise in each.


    #1 - Digital Health

    Our digital health practice is comprised of software and data science companies.


    #2 - Life Sciences

    On the life sciences front, we invest in companies demonstrating scientific innovation in the most pressing health and genetic health issues facing society.


    For both digital health and life sciences, our key themes are as follows:

    -> brain health

    -> better senior care

    -> optimizing the human body across one's lifetime